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  • Class 10 Science

    $ 10.0

    Live and Interactive Classes

    The 30 Lesson Science course is designed to master

    • Classification / categorization of the objects, leaves, pictures of plants, animals, foods items, etc. based on two or more than two features at a time.
    • explains processes and phenomenon, e.g., processing of plant fibres; movements in plants and animals; formation of shadows; reflection of light from plane mirror; variations in composition of air etc.
    • Enhance / Promote activity and creativity in relation to the immediate surroundings
  • Communicative English

    $ 10.0

    Live and Interactive Classes

    The 30 Lesson Spoken English course is designed to master English, maximizing a student’s progress by ensuring a high standard of fluency and coherence.

    • Be able to use 5 tenses
    • Master high utility irregular past tense verbs
    • Recognize and master antonyms
    • Identify and use missing words in phrases
  • Sale!

    Vedic Mathematics

    $ 20.0

    dic Maths or Speed Maths helps to solve mathematical problems 10-15 times better. It is a magical one-line Math to reduce scratch work and finger counting and improve mental calculation without any tool.

    The course delivers LIVE non-recorded classes for all levels of Vedic Mathematics. The course would be covered in 30 sessions over a period of 4 months and consists of

    • Live, non-recorded classes
    • Test series, assignments and practice papers
    • One-on-one doubt clearing sessions