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Class 10 Science

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Live and Interactive Classes

The 30 Lesson Science course is designed to master

  • Classification / categorization of the objects, leaves, pictures of plants, animals, foods items, etc. based on two or more than two features at a time.
  • explains processes and phenomenon, e.g., processing of plant fibres; movements in plants and animals; formation of shadows; reflection of light from plane mirror; variations in composition of air etc.
  • Enhance / Promote activity and creativity in relation to the immediate surroundings
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The objective of the course: Awareness about immediate surroundings from lived experiences from various themes related to daily life such as plants, animals, food, water, etc.


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DUX Education provides live, interactive classes in a limited batch size of 10 students. The session plan navigates according to your school syllabus to ensure that you are prepared for your Unit Tests and Mid-term exams as well. Have a doubt – raise your hands; done with classwork – get it checked live in front of you. DUX-way is the best way to learn.