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Fantasy Football

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Create your own private contest, join thousands of players, and engage with the most popular game in the world – Fantasy Football, with all your favourite fantasy leagues. Join this subscription only on Moments.

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Draw out your battle plan to conquer the world of Fantasy football. Get to the pitch, set up your virtual team of Premier League footballers, and collect points based on real life performance of your selected team.

This is your chance to create or join fantasy football league, track rankings, explore scoring, watch highlights, and more.

Fantasy football is all about engagement and entertainment to all football fans. Each user creates his 5-aside team for every match from real players in the English Premier League, collecting points based on real life performance based on his team selection.

Points are collected based on players:

  • Scoring Goals
  • Assists
  • Clean Sheets (for defenders and goalkeepers)

Registration Process

  1. Subscribing by mobile number
    1. Pick your favorite players from the EPL to create team
    2. Ensure all members register with their PUBG Mobile Nickname Game ID
  2. Invite team members to join the team

Squad Size

To join the game, select a fantasy football squad of 5 players, consisting of:

  • 1 Goalkeeper
  • 1 Defender
  • 2 Midfielders
  • 1 Forward

You can choose 5 favorite players for every match played during a game week (up to 10 matches per game week). Choose the players prior to the match by 30 minutes.


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