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Create your ultimate team play with this weekly subscription of FIFA 22. Take on your opponents in one of the most played football games in the globe, only on Moments.

Get started with FIFA prime gaming!

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Tecnotree Moments Fifa 22 Tournament Rules:

General points:
The rules listed below must be followed at all times by all participants. Anyone who signs up on Discord Tecnotree Moments agrees to it.

  • The tournament will be played online on my Tecnotree Moments Discord
  • Impersonating another player will expose you to a ban and disqualify you from participating in the tournament
  • Correct details must be provided when registering for Fifa 22, therefore, if your information differs during the tournament period, you may be disqualified.
  • Take a screenshot of your position in the match once you have finished playing
  • Tournament rules can be changed or modified at any time by Tecnotree Moments

Tournament Rules for prime gaming Fifa 22:
Half Length: 6 minutes

Game Speed: Normal
Team Size: 1V1

  • Format of the game

1v1, Daily tournament

  • Mode, platform console

Head-to-Head, Console – PlayStation

  • Requirements/ Instructions of the game
  1. Players must enter their PSN Account game ID
  2. Players must have the PS4 version of FIFA 22 game
  • Match process
  1. Add your opponent to friends using their (PSN ID)
  2. Set up the lobby and make sure that it is “Friendlies” and then invite your opponent to the match
  3. Make sure you apply the correct lobby’s settings, and then play the match
  • How should the results be submitted after the game

All players involved in a match are required to submit their scores to the host website. Should only one player submit a score within 30 minutes of completion of the match deadline, that score will be accepted. Should a player wish to dispute a score, they should also use the match submission page and submit a dispute within 30 minutes of the match completion deadline.



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