Who We Are

Tecnotree is a leading full-stack business management solution provider for the telecom industry, enabling large-scale digital transformation for telecom players. Moments is a new innovative technology platform by Tecnotree that enables the monetization of Over the Top (OTT) services with a far greater range of functionality. 

Tecnotree Moments is an end-to-end B2B2X multi-experience platform empowering Telco’s through a partner ecosystem with a variety of offerings from different sectors, ranging from sports and gaming to media and entertainment. 

Using the power of 5G, Moments offers a one-stop-shop portal for lifestyle bundling, providing a full digital services portfolio covering 360 degrees of business needs. The platform bundles an array of services such as partner lifecycle management, multiparty settlements, AI chatbot subscription management, identity management, and direct customer billing on a microservices-enabled architecture to name a few.  

Moments comes bundled with

Partner Ecosystem  Catalog Manage Contract Manage
Subscription Manager Monetization Market Place 
Simplified Integrations Loyalty Campaign

Partner Ecosystem

Moments is a fully managed digital marketplace that converts ecosystem partners into instant revenue generators. It offers a flexible, low code/no-code platform, with a one size fits all approach, evolving partner-based technology, solutions, and economies.