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  • Guitar Lessons System – Beginner to Advanced

    $ 470.0

    All-in-one Guitar Course, Fingerpicking Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Blues Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Electric Guitar

  • Learn Zumba

    $ 97.0

    Zumba Choreographies that are easy to learn
    Online Zumba routines that will put your body in shape
    How to do properly the basic steps in Zumba
    Push yourself to burn calories and improve your body structure
    Different rhythms as Dominican Republic, Salsa from Puerto Rico, Cumbia from Colombia and many others.
    Dance Zumba for 60 minutes long.

  • Sale!

    The Ultimate Fifa 21 Course for Beginners

    $ 10.9

    Everything The Beginner should know about Fifa 21.

    I have been playing Fifa for more than 10 years. During this time I have been developing my skills in the game. I am classified as a division 1 player and my skill rating is above 1950. Throught this years I have noticed that there are many frustrated people who constantly have been losing their games against their friends. I felt really sorry for them, because, in my opinion it is very hard to learn how to play the game by yourself. Against the odds I have decided to make the course, which will help these people understand how to play the game correctly.  I am sure that this course will improve your game performance instantly !!! It consist of 8 lectures that cover:

    • – Game, Camera and Controller Settings
    • – Formations and tactics that I use in all of my games
    • – brand new option called Agile Dribbling
    • – Penalties, Free kicks and Corners
    • – most effective Shooting techniques
    • – most effective Passing techniques
    • – The art of Defence which is explained very deeply
    • – Most effecitve and easy Skill Moves to perform

    Most important aspets of the game are all covered. You can learn how to score the goals easily and defend properly. Moreover I shared with you my secret tactics and formations and more tips that can give you huge advantage in your own games. I trully believe that this course has everything that the Begginer should know about Fifa 21. Don’t hesitate and join the lectures now 🙂