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Race illegal

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With 20 tracks to race, 9 cars to choose from and a whole host of customizations there’s plenty here for the petrol-head to tinker with. Real driving physics, insane drifts and nitrous boosts and some of the most visually stunning locations to drive around, Race Illegal has it all

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High Speed 3D is a three-dimensional racing game in which players can drive up to nine different vehicles along more than twenty tracks in different parts of the world.

Players can play against artificial intelligence in different competitions, as well as against other people online. No matter what mode of play you choose, you can earn money to improve your vehicle, which you can customize with many different parts.

The different control options for Race Illegal: High Speed 3D include tactile controls and the accelerometer. With the tactile controls, you can just touch one side of the screen to turn, while with the accelerometer, you will have to tip the screen as though you were using a steering wheel.

High Speed 3D is a visually spectacular 3D racing game with lots of content. Its twenty tracks and nine cars, together with its various modes of play, let you enjoy many hours!


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